Rental & Management

  • We rent and manage a range of properties across London
  • Unlike most other agents, we are pro-active in providing advice with the focus being getting you the best return on your asset
  • We use a range on local rental agents to help rent your property- as a result, by using us clients get our marketing plus the marketing of the best local agents
  • The rental management is done by us personally. Tenants and landlords have a contact number they can call on 24 hours a day
  • We offer a range of tenants- serviced apartment companies, private tenants, relocations, corporate lets. We advice clients on the pros and cons of each
  • There are no hidden charges and no “incentive payments” from other workers
  • Can manage the property handover and furnishing for you

Example properties

John St, WC1

– block of apartments plus a mews house

– most rented prior to completion of the building. All rented and occupied within 10 days of taking ownership of the property

– client offered the alternative of private tenants or serviced accomodation specialist

– Property Inside London managed the hand-over of the property and the furnishings

– Property Inside London also managind the freehold building for the client

ArtHouse, Kings Cross

– managed the furnishing of the apartment for the client

– understood to be the first apartment to be rented post completion of the development- a premium rent achieved

– rented to a senior executive of a FTSE100 company who was relocating to London

Surrey Quays

– manage a portfolio of apartments for a client

– pro-active programme of upgrading the properties to increase the rental return for the landlord

Regents Park

– have been renting the apartment for the client for over 10 years

Chelsea house

– manage an apartment rented by another agent

– did the handover process from the developer, identifying a number of issues that needed to be addressed

– furnished the house for the client allowing it to be rented

– appointed by owner to manage other apartments for them given the quality of service

Canary Wharf

– appointed to rent and manage a range of apartments for landlords

– have access to serviced apartment companies which strong demand there or private tenants


– appointed to rent a number of studio apartments in Albany House

– in each case the apartments have been rented prior to completion of the purchase

– offered the management of another apartment in the development. Given the circumstances, advised the landlord to manage themselves given it would be financially better for them to do so