Why use us

We have managed to grow the business without any advertising but instead by recommendations- this must mean that we are delivering a service that people believe is better than others. Indeed for every client we have acted for, they have recommended us to at least one other client.


Through our business model our clients get access to the broadest range of buyers. In addition to our database of investors and our marketing on the most popular UK property websites (such as Zoopla and Prime Location, Evening Standard, The Times, The Independent), we use sub-agents across the world including London to access their marketing and databases.

We co-ordinate all this marketing and provide our client’s with a single point of contact.

By covering a broad range of areas across London we are able to focus buyers on exactly what they are looking for. We frequently find that buyers need to change their search critera and local agents are not able to assist them in this as they only focus on a small area of London.

As a result, when we are appointed to sell client’s properties we are able to sell to people that would not otherwise consider your property.

Our quality of service has led to us being appointed by some of the property industry’s leading company’s to sell their property.

Property Searches and Settlement Services

Our contacts with agents, access to off-market properties, broad range of properties that we are appointed to sell and let, knowledge of the property market and negotiation skills means we are able to provide a unique service.

We provide an extensive and personal service. You and your family are in safe hands. The service is based on your specific needs- we are highly flexible.

We have worked with development companies, private equity firms, private investors, Chief Executive’s relocating their family for work, families moving to the UK, students coming to London to study and many others.

Having representatives fluent in Mandarin as well as English, we are well positioned to help those from the Far East.

Rental and Property Management

We provide a highly proactive approach to rental and property management. Having been landlords for a long time, each of our management know how best to manage rentals and properties to maximise the return on the property. We do not believe that this is the service provided by other agents.

Landlord’s frequently complain about not being in control of the money, excessive bills and hidden charges. Whilst that seems to be the letting agents rule book, we have ripped it up.

Our service is simple, namely:

– we use the best local agents, relocation agents and business contacts to rent your property as well as our database of people looking to rent

– before doing so we pro-actively provide guidance on how to prepare the property for rental and the best approach to marketing

– we manage the property ourselves, regularly contacting the tenant, reviewing the condition of the property

– we leave you in control of the money, assuming you want to, rather than leaving your money in our account. Before spending your money we guide you on the options unless action is needed straight away